Services Offered
Collection of Dues and Assessments

• Traditional collection of dues and assessments with
checks and payment coupons.

• Auto-drafting of condo dues is available for busy
or vacationing unit owners–this convenience
saves time, postage and the hassle of remembering
dues payments without requiring internet access.

• Secure Online Payment option through our
internet web-site. We offer an efficient way to give
your unit owners access to their account and the
ability to view their payment history as well as
make their payments online.

• Available ACH (Automated Clearing House) and
EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer.) This optional
payment method automatically deducts dues
payments directly from a unit owner’s bank
account and deposits them in the association’s
bank account on a monthly basis.

• Credit card payment availability – unit owners can
earn incentives while paying
condo dues and special assessments.